Thursday, February 26, 2009

MP5 Going Up! First Opening Exhibition Feb 21st

Music by Color Guard!
Party in ze halls....
Janet hosted a lovely dinner party in her studio!
Cool art as always by Chris Haberman...

Beautiful art by Nicole Linde*+
Color Guard rox out in our new common room! 112~
Kate Fenker did an awesome works for MP5 Cube!

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MP5 Social Party February 12th studio 402


+*Clint with Showcase PDX films the event.
Hip Chicks Do Wine serve up the drinks~ their Bad Girl Blanc is to DIE for*+
Guest Chris Haberman and the Love Bunnies rox out some spoken word

Art by Anthony Conrad*+
x Live music by Color Guard! x
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Monday, February 2, 2009

MP5 Pink Elephant Exchange, January 31st

The MP5 Pink Elephant Art Exchange!

The event was put on by the fabulous TJ Norris with the aid of Gavin Shettler at ~Milepost 5!~
TJ Norris will be curating for MP5 Cube, a bimonthly exhibition in the MP5 lobby that kix off February 21st!

Artist Calvin Ross Carl (pictured above) will be exhibiting on the first floor for the Milepost 5 Hallways Exhibition in collaboration with Derek Franklin. The Hallways bi-monthly exhibition is curated by Sara Cella and opens up on February the 21st!

The infamous Gavin Shettler!

Here's TJ Norris with our lovely host for the nite!
Everyone got to show off which lucky piece they won! Flash it!

Here's Richard Schemmerer showing off the piece he got to walk away with!
Michkael Baker with the next show in PDX to watch: Showcase PDX : is manning the camera*+
Graffitti and spray paint god: Hunter Armstrong*+ Hallway shots! Can't wait for our first bi-monthly exhibition to kick off! woOo